Ha Ha! I told you there would be an update shortly! So, here are some random outtakes of the session and one of the few photos which we managed to grab before the bell went.


Sorry, you nominated yourself for this by being the head boy!



Well, today I had the pleasure of taking some photos of the current year 11 prefects who weren’t entirely up for it! Fortunately a lot of them were saved by the bell and escaped until next week! I was also offered bribes to get some of them out of it! But I will make sure that everyone looks their best in the final pics! Will get some uploaded onto here as soon as possible for everyone to see!

(Sorry guys! – has to be done!)

Don’t think the rest of you are escaping this though! Soon all year 11’s are going to be appearing in their own year book. So they are all going to have a mug shot done shortly!

Tickets are now on sale for what will be the entertainment highlight of your year! The Blyth Jex school talent show! It’s happening very soon, 15th and 16th of March so you better get the tickets quickly before they sell out! They are on sale in the West site hall at break and lunch times priced at a bargainous £3.50! And we are giving 50p from EVERY ticket to charity!

Months of work has gone into this performance so I know that it would be appreciated for everybody to attend! It will be loads of fun. And you will get to see your mates/children/students making idiots of themselves, or you might discover a talent you never knew they had.


This is a photo from one of the early auditions of a brave soul getting up in front of a silent crowd to give a great rendition of a kooks song. It was very impressive! I, for one, am looking forward to the final performance!


The author Robert Rigby paid a visit to the School to talk to the English students about his work. He has written the titles ‘goal’, and ‘ Boy Soldier’ among others.

The students were receptive to hearing about his life, and how he had become such a successful author (probably because they knew he had met David Beckham!).

He signed some books for the pupils at the end of the presentation and the students had a chance to ask him some questions about his work.


A couple of days ago, the school had a visit from the local artist, Louise Richardson. She came in to give the current A-level art students a presentation about her work and her teachings at the art college in Norwich. She was very inspirational and had great passion for the work she was doing. I think a lot of the students were encouraged by the fact she was making a living doing something she loves.


She had once been a pupil of the Blyth Jex, and often comes in to show the current set of pupils just what they can achieve if they stick with it.


Today at Blyth Jex, we have no lessons going on as it is academic review day! I’m sure most of the pupils will be enjoying a free day or dreading coming into school with their parents to get told how they’re doing so far this year!

The school always seems quiet when there aren’t hordes or pupils crowding the corridors and today is no exception.

We do have a few students in though, catching up on their coursework as the time is slowly running out to get it done! March already! That’s come around fast for most people I’m sure!

Good luck to all those coming in to see their form tutors today, hope you all get some positive feedback!

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